Get control over your delivery performance

Greta helps you understand and improve how your delivery infrastructure affects your end-users’ experience.


Deep dive in real user data and get full insight into how your product’s performance is impacting your end-users.

End-user data:
  • Throughput
  • Image load time
  • Video quality
  • Failures
  • Routing decisions
Filter on:
  • Providers
  • Geography
  • ISP
  • Device
  • Time


When the script is in place, you will no longer need access to the code to configure the settings.

  • Set up a multi-CDN in a matter of minutes
  • Purge the cache within milliseconds
  • Configure cache times
  • Turn on peer-to-peer as a delivery method


Greta will automatically choose the best delivery method for each piece of content and end-user request based on real-time network data.

The results:
  • Faster load times
  • High quality streaming performance
  • Smoother traffic peaks
  • Server offload

Always finds the smartest route, and brings content closer to the users

Our algorithm finds the smartest route for your content by analyzing real-time network data. The algorithm chooses between your current methods of delivery and distributed delivery using other nearby clients.

Making the best multi-CDN choices using real-time network data

We are able to make the best decisions for every individual request between your CDNs by using historical and real-time network knowledge.