Monitor & Improve Your Content Delivery

Performance monitoring and intelligent delivery decisions made client-side based on real-time network data.

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Content delivery control

Manage content delivery settings in an elegant yet simple UI. Configure delivery options for better performance.

Client-side decisions

Greta uses machine learning to make content delivery decisions in the client based on real-time network data.

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Effortless implementation

A Google Analytics-like implementation. Get started by just adding a small script to your site.

How it works:

A user enters your website and the browser fires requests to download the website’s static content.
Greta catches the requests and predicts the load times for the different delivery options.
Greta gets the content from the best delivery option for this client based on real-time performance data.

Monitoring & insights

Monitor real user data in your performance dashboard. Compare your delivery solutions and see how performance differs between geographical areas in real-time.

Real user data:
  • Throughput
  • Image loadtime
  • Video quality
  • Failures
Filter on:
  • Providers
  • Geography
  • ISPs
  • Time

An easier way to manage your content delivery

Greta makes it simple to test, improve and update your delivery options directly in the UI.

Manage your delivery options across multiple CDNs and cloud providers, clear clients' cache in milliseconds and turn on

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