Technology made to upgrade the Internet

Greta finds the fastest route for your content to be delivered by analyzing network data. Choosing between your current methods of delivery and Greta’s distributed delivery, we improve your site’s performance.

A Lightweight Javascript
Built on top of WebRTC
An overlay routing network
Using peer-to-peer delivery

Finding the smartest route, choosing between your servers and peer-to-peer

  • 1.A user visits that uses Greta.
  • 2.The server responds with the HTML for the website, including the script.
  • 3.Greta connects the user to our intelligent routing network.
  • 4.Greta run predictions based on real-time and historical data and collects and ranks avalible peers and servers.
  • 5.The content of is delivered and stored in the user’s browser cache.
  • 6.The user is now able to serve the cached content to other visitors.

Always finds the smartest route, and brings content closer to the users

Our algorithm finds the smartest route for your content by analyzing real-time network data. The algorithm chooses between your current methods of delivery and Greta’s distributed delivery.

Making the best multi-CDN choices using real-time network data

We are able to make the best decisions for every individual request between your CDNs by using historical and real-time network knowledge.

Effortless implementation

It’s a Google Analytics-like implementation. Getting started with Greta is just as simple as adding a script to your site.

Video and audio work automatically

When the script is in place, Greta will automatically work with video and audio using HLS or Dash. We do this by listening to requests.

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<!-- Replace the src tag with data-src on all images -->
<img data-src="img.jpg"/>
<!-- 1. Remove the background-image url from the CSS -->
<!-- 2. Specify image url with data-bg-src -->
<div data-bg-src="bg.png">...</div>

Include images

To include images, simply change the image attribute from img to data-img. Greta uses lazy loading to minimize server load and catch the image requests.

For background images, remove the background-image url from the CSS and specify the image url with data-bg-src.

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