Advanced tech
in a small script

Greta is a small script that gives you real-time performance analytics and smart content delivery. In addition to your current solution, Greta use a smart cache and a peer-to-peer network to find the best and fastest route to deliver your content, no matter the source. This means that when Greta is hard at work, the worst thing that can happen is that we fall-back to your current solution.

CDN evaluation

Calculating the most efficient route

Greta has developed a new way of delivering content that finds the best and fastest route available at any point in time, no matter the source.

Our algorithms calculates the most efficient route for content to be delivered including your current method of delivery. We love CDNs and have made sure that Greta collaborate really well with them, which is a great benefit when you have your content in more than one place.

P2P delivery

A faster site with P2P delivery

With Greta’s technology content load times are reduced as we calculate the fastest way for content to be delivered. By using peer-to-peer technology concurrent users of your site will automatically re-distribute your site content in a decentralized delivery network. No plugins required.

Greta will only deliver content peer-to-peer when it gives your users the best experience, as that’s the only thing that matters to us. Faster load times means happier users, and happier users mean higher revenues.

Perfecting video performance

As our peer-to-peer technology reduces server load as well as finds the fastest way for content to travel, we make sure your live or video on demand content is delivered without any buffering or slow video starts.

Offload traffic

The painful thing with content delivery and site performance is that it’s often the most difficult during the times when it matters the most, when you have many concurrent users on your site. The fact that Greta can use the peer-to-peer network ensure fast content delivery at peak times, and the more users the better it gets.

With Greta, the correlation between performance spikes and concurrent users is turned upside down – the more visitors you have at the same time, the better their experience will be. Magic, huh?

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Smart cache

Purge your cache within milliseconds

Well, it’s not in our nature to brag, but we often hear that our cache solution is absolutely mind blowing. Historically there has always been a trade-off between the extreme benefits of long cache times and the risk of your users getting outdated content.

With Greta, you no longer have to choose as our smart cache gives you the ability to empty your end users’ cache within milliseconds at any point in time. Therefore you can set Gretas smart cache times to infinity and thus minimize your bandwidth costs as well as knowing that your users literally have the content at their fingertips.

Perfomance analytics

Real time analytics

When we started Greta we quickly realized that a lot of companies didn’t have good tools to understand how their content delivery affects the end user. As we’re obsessing about just this at Greta we took matters in our own hands and have now built an analytics platform that we’re proud of.

Our ambition is to package large sets of complex data in a way that makes sense and provide useful insights even if you only have 30 seconds to look at it. However, we hope that you’ll consider Greta a friend to help you through good and bad days, and have designed the dashboard with that in mind.

At any point in time you’ll be able to get a complete overview of your users’ problems, or hopefully lack thereof, no matter where in the world they are. We’ll help you understand if your traditional CDN does a good job or not, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about throughput, load times and other quality metrics.

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Observing mode

Analytics only

Greta’s active mode

Greta always starts in observing mode, analyzing your traffic and showing you your site performance dashboard.

Hopefully it with help you improve even without Greta’s smart content delivery. We want to provide tools that can help everyone being well informed and capable of making smart and effective decisions.

Active mode

Smart content delivery

Greta’s active mode

When you switch to active mode you let Greta improve your site performance with our smart content delivery.

  • Peer-to-peer delivery
  • Smart cache
  • Multi-CDN optimization
Reports and alerts

Get notified when performance drops

Seriously, we want you to sleep well at night and enjoy reading that bedtime story to your kids. Therefore we’re building an intelligent notification system that will alert you when your performance unexpectedly drops – and only then. We don’t want you to waste your time worrying about throughputs and load times, leave that to us.