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Our story

The World Wide Web has come a long way since Tim Berners-Lee first formed the idea in 1989. Back then Berners-Lee sat in a lab at CERN experimenting on a NeXT computer, dreaming about a global hyperlinked information system where everyone had the possibility to express their ideas.

Fast forward to 2017. The World Wide Web is a fundamental block in society and in many people’s everyday life. Larger amounts of data than ever is being distributed between billions of people and devices in all parts of the world, and it keeps growing. By 2020 the volume equivalent of all movies ever made will cross the global Internet every 2 minutes. This calls for smarter ways to distribute data, which is why we started Greta.

At Greta we love the Internet. It’s the home to new and brave ideas, and it should stay that way. By decentralizing content load on the web we free up the resources that really matter, and your users can experience the Internet just as it’s supposed to be, seamless. There should be no end to the possibilities you see with the web. Just like back in 1989.

Greta was founded in 2015 by humble Swedes and still has it’s base in Stockholm.

It’s backed by a bunch of amazing investors, including Berlin based VC firm BlueYard, former Spotify executive Sophia Bendz, Europe’s best angel investor Jeremy Yap, and the crazy but brilliant Hampus Jakobsson.