Powerful analytics and valuable insights

Greta Insight helps you understand and improve how your content delivery infrastructure affects your end users’ experience.

Meet the data that drives your business

We will give you full insight into how your product’s performance is impacting your end-users. Want to get more advanced metrics? We will let you deep-dive into video, audio and specific images. Greta will also enable you to filter on hosts, time and geographic regions.

Manage your settings with zero hassle

After the script is in place, you will no longer need access to the code to configure the settings.

If you want to adjust the algorithm for the best end-user experience with regards to performance, or to offload more, you can do that easily on your settings page.

Deliver fast load times no matter where your users are

Greta uses a peer-to-peer network to ensure fast content delivery at peak times: The more users, the better it gets.

Greta handles about 10-25% of our bandwidth depending on the day and it beats every other network/service by a mile when it comes to raw performance. Cloudflare on average takes about 1-4s on initial load as compared to Greta clocking in at 0.5 to 0.9s.

High quality streaming performance and server offload without compromise

Keep your customers coming back for more when you deliver full-quality streaming… with far less annoying buffering.

Easy to set up, amazing support and communication, and immediate results. Many of our users are using the service from the same network, so the p2p solution is a clever way to further lower usage and speed up delivery.

Less risk of downtime during campaigns or Black Friday

Boost your revenues, get faster load times and happier users and be at your best when it matters most.

We are at an all-time low in average page loading times on our site. The average time for images being delivered is up to 90% less on the images that Greta picks up compared to the traditional CDNs we use.
Media and entertainment

Greta gives your viewers a smoother experience and higher quality, especially under heavy load.

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Fast content delivery at peak times. The more users, the better it gets. Be at your best when it matters most.

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Online publishing

Less risk of downtime or long loadtimes during heavy load, special events or when something goes viral.

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Performance reports

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Get faster loadtimes, higher quality and server offload

Finds the fastest route for your content to be delivered by analyzing network data. Choosing between your current methods of delivery and Greta’s distributed delivery we improve your site performance.

About the technology
To implement Greta simplly add our script, and change the image attribute
”Greta has developed tech that is able to calculate the most efficient route for site content.”