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Questions on Greta

Who can use Greta?
All sites can benefit from using Greta. The network routing system, as well as the smart cache will benefit both small and large websites, while the peer-to-peer system will work great to offload data-delivery on larger websites.

So yes, even your hobby project can benefit from Greta and our knowledge about performance.
Does Greta require any action from my users?
None. As soon as you paste the script on your site, Greta will do its magic and it will be completely transparent to your users.
What happens if Greta for any reason goes down or fails to deliver my content?
Greta will not change the look of your website by a single pixel, so if we happen to be down, your content will be loaded using your original setup as fallback.
How does Greta work on mobile?
Greta is beneficial to mobile users by using our smart cache, and route selection algorithm, that reduce the load time of your site on such devices. And, of course, we won’t use a mobile, or metered connection for peer-to-peer.
How are you treating metered connnections?
A client is initially considered as a non-sending peer, until they’ve proved themselves eligible, then they get the sending peer status. A client on a cellular and/or metered connection will strictly stay non-sending.
How does peer-to-peer work?
We value performance first. If a user of your website has a good internet connection, and is geographically close to another, they will use peer-to-peer to exchange data to one-another if it’s the fastest way to get a content. The usage of peer-to-peer is also capped, so that we will never exhaust the internet connection your users.
How do I know the effects of Greta?
Besides the effects of faster loading and higher video quality you might see a cut in your CDN bill. Visiting your Greta dashboard (link) will give you an overview of how we distribute the load among your users.
What sort of content does Greta support?
We support videos, images and audio. Technically speaking, we hook on top of XHR, and our documentation explains clearly what formats will go through Greta’s pipes.
How do I stop using Greta?
You can easily control the behaviour of Greta from your account page, this is done in a second and all clients will be informed of the change immediately. No deploys required.
Can I use Greta free of charge?
Greta is free of charge up to 1 million pageviews and 100TB site traffic a month, which means that a lot of sites will never pay for using our product, and we love that. Read more on our pricing page.
Why hasn’t this been done before?
Peer-to-peer is not a new technology, but webRTC is a new standard for browser which is the technique Greta is built upon. WebRTC is supported by most browsers today, and being a standard, the remaining ones are getting there too.

Greta and other providers

Is Greta a CDN (Content Delivery Network)?
No, Greta is not a traditional CDN. We’re for sure delivering content and we have our own peer-to-peer and cache network, but no – we’re not like the traditional CDNs. Greta is focusing on the delivery and decision part, and optimising for the best user experience.
How can Greta’s be faster than my distribution network?
Since Greta is optimizing your content delivery network in real-time, we make better decisions than a normal distribution network. Greta also takes advantage from its peer-to-peer network and an extended local caching system, lowering the traffic to your server. In other words, Greta is offloading the traffic to your server by using the width of the network in a better way.
Should I cancel my existing CDN contract?
No, you shouldn’t do that, actually Greta is just fine working on top of your current setup. Greta will do a brilliant job shortening load times and finding the optimal route while shrinking your CDN bill.

Privacy and legal

Is this really legal?
Yes, if the content on your site is legal, it's just as legal to distribute it via peer-to-peer.
Is it safe distributing data this way?
Yes, we’re not exposing any IPs, all data going through Greta is being encrypted and anonymised.
Does Greta in any way compromise my users privacy?
No. And we have no interest in doing so.