Streaming audio

Greta works very well with most modern players for HLS and DASH streams with out any customization to the player! This is because Greta integrates directly with the XMLHttpRequest object your can read more about it here and that is what is used by most of the players for loading the chunks of audio.

This allows you to not think a lot about what player Greta works with and take the player that fits your other needs and you can be sure that Greta works with it. If you have a player that is not working let us now and we fix it for you! We have worked with every player anyone have asked about this fare and are planing to continue like that.

Greta also works great for both VOD and live audio streams. Greta will load the files from where it makes the most sense for the end user optimizing for end user experience with minimum buffering and maximum bitrate. We are strong believers that the end user experience is the most important part compared to cost savings. However Greta do also provide you with a lower CDN or hosting bill because GB of data is moved to the network that delivers better performance then CDNs our your hosting solution.


For VOD Greta will create a network between the users on your site and allow people to load parts from other people that are before them in watching or from people that where watching it before and are still around watching some thing else or just on the site. Greta will also cache content very intelligently and allow repeat views our seeking to parts you seen before to be loaded from the local cache and there by provide a instant start and a big saving in network usage. Also you will be able to allow a lot more people to watch audio from your site because the more people you have watching the same content the higher the amount of data that will not hit your servers will be!


For live Greta will create a network between the users on your site and allow people to load parts from other people. For live you see a very big scalability increase in that you need to take a lot less of the traffic on your servers and can there by allow a lot more people to watch your live stream in fact the more users you get on to your live stream the better the Greta network will perform and the better your end user experience will be!