How to test

If you would like to tinker around, simply adding the GRETA_TESTING parameter before loading Greta will give you the output logs, and you could see the traffic going through peer-to-peer and cache on your console. To simulate another peer, simply spin a second browser in incognito, point it to your local environment again, and watch for the logs on the dev-tools console! The 4 screenshots below are showing what your terminal should look like after following these steps.

Loading an example page with the GRETA_TESTING flag. The page contains 4 images.

Reloading the page should be much quicker as the images are now provided by the cache algorithm.

Opening an incognito tab on the same url will make the two browsers connecting to one another and transfering the images through peer-to-peer instead of going to the server.

Going back to the regular browser now indicates that it transmitted the data through the peer-to-peer channel.