One last thing

If you host your content on an external domain we need your CORS headers to expose statistics for us to be able to analyze your data.

You can test if you need to change anything here.

Learn about CORS
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Clear cache

The commands described below will empty the actual user browser cache. If you are using a CDN, remember to empty the CDN cache beforehand to make sure that your CDN isn't serving old content from their POPs. This action is to be used when you're changing background image, replacing an image with the same name or similar.

You can clear the cache either by using the clear cache button on your account page, or if you prefer by using an API or a simple command line prompt to do so.

The request is a POST to with {"token":"YOUR_API_TOKEN"} as the body. You'll find YOUR_API_TOKEN on your account page.

Here is an example using curl:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"token":"YOUR_API_TOKEN"}'