Understand, manage and improve your delivery performance

Greta chooses the best delivery method for every piece of content, using machine learning to analyse network data in real-time.

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Take control over your delivery performance in seconds

Simply add a lightweight script to get real-time performance insights and the power to improve your users’ experience.

Dashboard graphs
Compare and evaluate your delivery solutions
See how performance differs between geographical areas
Weekly email report on phone
Weekly performance updates in your inbox

A new way to make delivery decisions, client side and based on real-time data

Be on top of your users’ experience

Real user performance analytics. Monitor, evaluate and deep dive in your dashboard.

Take actions to improve performance

Get recommendations, add, compare and evaluate multiple delivery providers and methods.

Optimize your delivery for each unique context

Greta’s delivery decisions are made in each unique client for each piece of content.

Improve your delivery performance in minutes

Delivery performance shouldn’t be a black box. We’ve made it simple to test, improve and update your delivery directly in your control panel.

Dashboard delivery settings
Automatic delivery decisions across your providers
Clear client cache in milliseconds
Ability to get content from nearby clients
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”Greta has developed tech that is able to calculate the most efficient route for site content.”
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”Greta’s AI aims to optimise and work out the best route for traffic...”