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Our first step to upgrade Internet

Free decentralized content delivery and smart cache usage to improve the end user experience and offload servers.

Using the infrastructure in the most intelligent way creates a more sustainable Internet for everyone.

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Greta Headless: Free license
<script src=""></script>

  • Built on top of the web standard webRTC
  • Compatible with any hosting or CDN service
  • Supports images, audio & video
Found 234 peers
Connecting to peer
Connected to peer
Loading from peer
p2p loaded in 430ms, speed: 32132 kbps, size: 2 MB
p2p sent: 794 KB
Disconnected from peer
Loading from cache
Cache loaded in 910ms, speed: 197954 kbps, size: 2 MB
Turn on debug mode to check that it’s working

Get started today, follow these steps

  • 1Remove any other lazy loading lib
  • 2Allow Greta to load CORS headers
  • 3Paste the script in the top of the head tag
  • It automatically starts re-distributing the site content.
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Connect the script to our UI and get insight

Get early access to the UI edition. You can easily change configurations and use your own real-time analytics dashboard. Greta improves the end user experience which leads to happier users and flourishing businesses.

  • Reduce buffering & increase content quality
  • Useful performance insights
  • Multi-CDN routing to improve performance
  • Request early access
    Higher quality and faster loadtimes is good for users
    Scaling organically and exponentially is good for businesses
    Using the infrastructure the most efficient way is better for everyone