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Greta revolutionizes data distribution by using the infrastructure in the most intelligent way. Read our thesis

Greta Insight

Give your users the highest quality and fastest load times

Greta Insight helps e-commerce, online publishing and media and entertainment companies get happier users by:

  • Improving content load times
  • Reducing buffering & increasing content quality
  • Providing useful insights with real-time performance analytics
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Greta Headless

Greta Headless is a free decentralized content delivery script for developers

  • P2P delivery with server fallback
  • Smart end-user cache usage
  • Built in lazy loading
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Greta Insight

Improve your end users’ site experience

Greta Insight helps you understand how your content delivery infrastructure affects your end users’ experience. By analyzing network data, Greta Insights optimizes your performance and automatically finds the fastest route for your content.

The implementation takes a few minutes, and you can then easily make configurations in the UI and use your own real-time analytics dashboard.

Insight for e-commerce

Less risk of downtime during campaigns or Black Friday

Greta uses the peer-to-peer network to ensure fast content delivery at peak times: The more users, the better it gets. That way, you are at your best when it matters most.

Happy users spend more, stay longer and are more likely to return to your site
  • Higher quality and faster load times is good for users
  • Scaling organically and exponentially is good for you
  • Using the infrastructure in the most efficient way is better for everyone
Insight for media streaming

Increases your streaming performance by optimizing how content is delivered

Greta gives your viewers a smoother experience, especially under heavy load. Having more concurrent viewers increases the size of the distribution network as well as the network density, enabling higher quality and faster load times during traffic spikes.

Lower bandwidth costs with Greta’s distributed delivery

Greta creates a decentralized distribution network between your viewers that enables content to be loaded from other viewers watching the same content. For VOD content, Greta will also cache content intelligently for repeat views or instant seeking, which ends up creating big savings in total network usage.

P2P Delivery

Faster site, less buffering & lower cost

Since Greta uses peer-to-peer technology, we can ensure fast content delivery at peak times, such as Black Friday or a new campaign launch, no matter where in the world your users are.

Therefore, you can deliver the best experience when it matters the most.

Greta’s distributed delivery improves the end-user experience, especially under heavy load. Having more concurrent viewers increases the size of the distribution network as well as the network density, enabling higher quality and faster load times during traffic spikes.

Reduce buffering, image loadtimes and the risk of going down during traffic spikes.

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Greta Headless

Use Greta's distributed delivery for free just by adding our headless script

Content will automatically be delivered the most efficient way between your current method of delivery and Greta's distributed delivery.
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// Get started
<script> setTimeout(function(){var a=window.GretaOptions||{};a.lazyLoad=a.lazyLoad||{};var f=a.lazyLoad.imgAttribute||"data-src",g=a.lazyLoad.bgImgAttribute||"data-bg-src",h="DIV SECTION ARTICLE ASIDE B BODY FIGURE HTML I LI MAIN MARK NAV P SPAN STRONG SUMMARY TABLE TIME UL H1 H2 H3 H4 LABEL".split(" "),e=a.lazyLoad.addClassOnLoad||"",a="boolean"===typeof a.lazyLoad.enable?a.lazyLoad.enable:!0;!window.greta&&a&&setInterval(function(){for(var a,b=document.querySelectorAll("IMG["+f+"]"),c=0;c<b.length;c++)(a=b[c].getAttribute(f))&&b[c].src!==a&&(b[c].src=a,b[c].removeAttribute(f),0<e.length&&(b[c].className+=" "+e));for(c=0;c<h.length;c++)for(var b=document.querySelectorAll(h[c]+"["+g+"]"),d=0;d<b.length;d++)(a=b[d].getAttribute(g))&&b[d].style.backgroundImage!=="url("+a+")"&&(b[d].style.backgroundImage="url("+a+")",b[d].removeAttribute(g),0<e.length&&(b[d].className+=" "+e))},1E3)},1E3); </script><script src=""></script>
// Follow these steps
  • 1.Replace any other lazy loading lib for Greta Lazy Loading
  • 2.Allow Greta to load CORS headers
  • 3.Paste the script in the head tag
  • // Information
    • Driven by real-time predictions
    • Greta Headless is free to use
    • Customizable
    // Supported content types
    • Images
    • Video (HLS, Dash)
    • Audio (HLS, Dash)
    // Compatibility
    • All hosting or CDN services
    • All browsers supporting WebRTC

    Using network knowledge to improve performance

    By using Greta Headless, you are contributing to making our routing algorithms smarter so everyone can enjoy a more efficient Internet. Thank you!