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Get faster load times, higher quality, and server offload

Greta finds the fastest route for your content by analyzing network data. Choosing between your current methods of delivery and Greta’s distributed delivery, we improve your site’s performance.

About the technology
To implement Greta, simply add our script and change the image attribute.

Amplified decision making - explore more data faster

Explore and understand the data that drives your business with powerful analytics and valuable insights.

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”Greta has developed tech that is able to calculate the most efficient route for site content.” is proud to be a recommended and preferred Google Cloud Technology Partner
Media and entertainment

Greta gives your viewers a smoother experience and higher quality, especially under heavy load.

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Fast content delivery at peak times. The more users, the better it gets. Be at your best when it matters most.

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Online publishing

Less risk of downtime or long loadtimes during heavy load, special events or when something goes viral.

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Our thesis

The Internet is scaling faster than today’s infrastructure can keep up

To date, the predominant way of expanding the network has been through new investments in old solutions.

Yet problems such as network congestion, service downtime, and performance issues stemming from a shortage of capacity are still part of the everyday Internet experience.

Our technology enables developers and companies to provide substantially faster and better end-user experiences without costly upgrades to the underlying infrastructure of the network itself.

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